How It Works


1. Inquiry & Pairing

Rutgers Researcher and/or an Organization expresses interest in a data research project. If the Researcher or Organization does not have a respective partner, they will be paired with one through the CDDA.


2. Project Terms


The terms of the project (deliverables, timeframe, cost, etc.) are negotiated between the Researcher and the Organization.


3. IAB Review


The Organization and the project are presented to the Center’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB = the existing center members). If no conflicts exist, the Organization and Project go to step 4. Member to Member collaboration within the Center is encouraged.


The Organization signs the Membership Agreement, pays the agreed annual membership fee and officially joins the center. The Organization is now a Member and part of the IAB. Please note that an Organization can join the CDDA with or without a project.

4. membership & Funding

The Project is executed according to the Project Terms.

5. Project Execution

Project results are delivered to the funding Member and made available to the IAB. Members are welcome to renew their membership each year, connect with other IAB Members and Researchers on new projects and present ideas for new projects at the semi-annual IAB Meetings. 

6. Results & Renewal